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How Online Marketing Helps Women Entrepreneur Who Wants To Start A Small Business?

How Online Marketing Helps Women Entrepreneur Who Wants To Start A Small Business?

Setting up a Business is a vital Phase in everyone’s life. It is more important if she is a women. From the Very Beginning the Journey will face a lot of Challenges.

However now the time have Changed a lot with the advent  & Popularity of  digital media. Women are keener to develop something of their own and Break away from conventional 9 to 5 schedule.

India has witness a step rise in entrepreneurial activity in the last 4 to 5 years. It is due to smartphone Adoption. Today the youth believes that if you have an idea an you have the internet you can at least try to convert that idea into a business.

In this New Digital Era, the use of mobile, Internet and Social Media by any target group has been on a rise. Now the Consumers spend a Lot of time gathering information about the Brand before making a buying Decision. Thus it has become necessary for brands and Business to be available in various such internet Platforms and reach out to their audiences.

For an emerging woman entrepreneur, digital marketing is the one of the best way for creating the awareness and for her products/services. Be it a Fashion Boutique or Catering Business, digital platforms ensure every woman can become a successful entrepreneur by applying some digital marketing techniques to her business model.

Depending Upon the nature of her business, She can choose different Digital Marketing Techniques like SEO, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing-mail Marketing, Content Marketing and Paid Ads etc.

Perfect choice for Women Entrepreneur:

A research from a Reputed Company tells us that Women (76%) are using more Social media than men (72%).

Women have strong Communication Power, they should utilize this in different Digital Platforms through Channelled approaches.

Challenges involved in managing digital marketing:

True women Enterpreneur should identify which Digital Marketing Process works for her Business and what doesn’t. Lack of proper guidance and knowledge can also backfire digital marketing, if not adapted carefully. Therefore she should hire a Proper Digital Marketing Company to do all his Digital Marketing Activity. It is essential to recognize the platforms that one should focus on to gather maximum digital and social media mileage.


Digital is that one unique platform that has made possible to have a two-way communication between the brands/businesses and the target audience, This Field is booming like anything having a net worth 5000 billion Rupees and is Predicted to grow 40 % every year. So Digital Marketing is definitely the way to Promote your Business.

19 June 2020

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