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Why Google Deindexed Your Website And How To Recover It?

Why Google Deindexed Your Website And How To Recover It?

Search engines have become a key source of driving traffic for websites over the web. Both accidentally and intentionally, getting deindexed from Google could make your web site disappear from the search results and could take away almost all the site visitors. Many reasons are there why Google will push a Website from its Search-index.

White-hat SEO is the only method that could come up with most desirable consequences to your website. Activities like keyword stuffing, duplicate/poor content, cloaking pages, link errors and other mistakes are going to attract the attention of engines like Google toward you and can even lead to a penalty.

Common Reasons for De-indexation and How to Recover It:

  1. Adding unnatural hyperlinks to/from your internet site can de-index your website from google. Low quality visitor posts, inbound links to your site, spam blog commenting, participation in purchased links and other comparative things can unfavourably influence your site's traffic.

Solution: If you are receiving a notification for un-natural links then it is wise to do an audit for your Backlink account. By doing this Procedure you can find out the natural and the SPAM links. In the end, submit your disavowed file and file a reconsideration request while asking the steps to fix the damage.

  1. If you are Providing Google or any Search engine two different sets of URLs or content, this is called cloaking this will lead to a manual action towards a website.

Solution: This can be rectified by running a quick scan on your site to find out and resolve the susceptible pages. Use Malware Software to clean up all the in-appropriate files. Once cleaned up, you can file a reconsideration request while asking the steps to recover the violation.

  1. Duplicate, auto-created, Poor Content with lot of grammatical errors can tremendously influence your rankings on Google and other Search Engine.

Solution: If you are a part of auto-generated practice or non-original content production, you may probably aware of what pages it is harming. Once you find the error containing pages, you can spend some time to develop fresh content or remove the low-quality web pages. 

Getting deindexed by means of Search Engine is undeniably worse news. But it doesn’t mean that your world has ended. You may truly take some steps to get better your web site as soon as feasible.

17 May 2020

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