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Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bhubaneswar

Our team at SHOPWEB aims to deliver the most reliable and high-grade SEO training in Odisha in order to help companies develop and achieve the desired success. Our digital marketing training institutes are not only limited to local SEO services; in fact, we provide training in a wide range of SEO services, including SEO and PPC management for e-commerce.

Digital Marketing Bhubaneswar in Bhubaneswar

Features of our Digital Marketing Training Programme

Our digital marketing training institute has a new and revised curriculum that is practically based and provides a hands-on training program. We provide live projects for each module with intense classroom preparation. To ensure the quality of digital marketing training we only take up to 8-10 students in a batch. We provide placement assistance to ensure you secure your desired job. Our digital marketing training will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing tools & platforms. You will get daily assignments and assessments throughout the training. In our digital marketing training institute, you will learn from practitioners specializing in their subjects who provide mentorship for life. We also offer resume planning and interviews with our mock test series. Each module has blogs and resources with flexible class timings to choose from. Along with supporting internships and special one on one attention our institute definitely is the best digital marketing training institute in town.

Benefits of our Digital Marketing Training Programme

Instruction in digital marketing should not be confined to engagement in the classroom. We, therefore, concentrate on activity-based learning to carry out the individualistic approach.

It is a knowledge-sharing session of the industryexperts where they share their insights and practical situations to help youunderstand beyond the subject. Guest lectures

Who doesn't want to socialize over food? That's the best way to network, we believe.

Be part of different events in digital marketing and create a powerful network.

Out-of-class training will introduce you to an external working environment that will improve your ability to think.

We have real-life analysis where your problem-solving abilities can be sharpened.

By taking part in healthy brainstorming sessions, give your learning a new focus.

Have you got a knack for it? Showcase that.

Get exposed to daunting tasks, work as a team, and brace yourself for a working scenario in real life.

We think storytelling is a convincing and efficient way to communicate a message.

By improving your soft skills, we help you conquer the fear of public speaking.

We groom you to be fast with your facts and quickly handle tough circumstances.

We concentrate on training students to learn about a specific industry's day-to-day activities and to consider its operational problems.

Experiment. Rise. Grow! Mistakes to produce. Don't restrict yourself.

We have real-life analysis where your problem-solving abilities can be sharpened.

Digital Marketing Trainings Curriculums and Eligibility

The course here is a training curriculum in the classroom that takes you from the basics to an advanced understanding of the principles of digital marketing.

All our digital marketing training programs are designed to make the journey into the online world enjoyable and engaging, focusing on real-time live projects with realistic implementations.

The Digital Marketing Course can be taken by anyone who wishes to learn Digital Marketing. The eligibility to do the course is not pre-defined. You can get started with a simple understanding of the English language, the Internet, and Microsoft Office. No requirement for coding or programming skills is required.

SEO Training in Digital Marketing

The secret to a successful SEO campaign is unique, excellent, and quality content. In order to consistently produce the best content we provide digital marketing training for your website sites, social media platforms, and blogs, our writing experts write. To get more traffic to improve your business, your website will then reach the top of the Search Engine. Regardless of what marketing objectives you have for your company, by enrolling in our digital marketing training institute you can improve your bottom line. We provide training in:-

SMO Training in Digital Marketing

SMO helps a website get more clients, improve the selling of your product, and expand your company both locally and internationally. So we offer digital marketing training in SMO to enable you to get a statistical report for your business website of all observable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with your social media promotions, such as Visitors, Followers, Feedback, Fans, Likes, Subscribers, Viewer Participation, Page Views, and many gathered from all your social networks to ensure you a simple, futuristic, superb business view.

If your company needs upscale SMM (Social Media Marketing), rest assured that our digital marketing training institute by SHOPWEB-Bhubaneswar covers your needs. Social Profile Optimization & Development Boost Social Share Amazing Written & Graphic Content Creation Paid Social Media Ad Promotion Program, Strategy, and Product Testing Platform are included in the training programme.

Video Marketing Training

The everlasting shift in digital marketing has led to a gap of wits among different brands. To broaden the general brand reach and catch the eye of the global audience, many strategies have emerged. Hence digital marketing training can help you meet the needs of changing times.

Located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Shopweb digital training institute is the leading video marketing training institute. For all companies and organizations, we create innovative images. Our video marketing training is all-encompassing and guided by rich media awareness of quality. We create custom video training programs at Shopweb that suit your marketing objectives and campaigns.

The dedicated team of professional tutors at Shopweb ensures that you learn how videos are prepared, made, optimized, and delivered according to the requirements. You will gain full brand visibility and qualifying leads with our unique video marketing training.


As today is the digital era, you have to get your company digitally created. So opt for Shopweb as we will cater to your training requirements. Our training program will help you learn digital marketing within 100 days at an affordable rate!

Frequently Asked Question

Shopweb is the leading, comprehensive digital marketing agency located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Our wide array of marketing strategies includes services ranging from SEO to social media marketing and many more. We have experienced professionals who understand your business goals to help expand your niche market reach, create a strong digital presence. Throughout the world, we've provided extensively diverse set of digital marketing services and solutions to our clients to deliver profitable results.

For over 5 years, Shopweb has provided its unfathomable digital marketing services both nationally and internationally. Our team keeps a check on the algorithms that determines the digital marketing metrics such as search engine rankings, content marketing and many more. Tracking these specifics is a full time job and Shopweb makes it easier by offering all its services under one roof.

All our services are bespoke, we have varied modules depending on the client's specific prerequisites.So, to get a ballpark estimate for any particular service contact us on 91- 9861408954 or leave a message on WhatsApp. We'd be happy to help you with all your queries.

Shopweb offer a full range of digital marketing services. Following is a list of those that caters to the requirements of our clients.

  • ✓ Social media marketing and management
  • ✓ Video marketing
  • ✓ Email marketing
  • ✓ Pay- per - click advertising
  • ✓ Content marketing
  • ✓ Search Engine Optimization
  • ✓ Lead generation
  • ✓ Branding & Creative services
  • ✓ Website design & development
  • ✓ and many more.

Here are your options for contacting us:

Call us at 91 - 9861408954


Leave a message on WhatsApp.

Facebook is the fastest growing social media platform with over billion of users worldwide. It is a profitable of getting substantial brand exposure by sharing your contact in a way that encourages more opportunities to connect with your potential customers. Our team chooses the best ad formats in consonance with your unique business goals to increase sales and credibility.

Auditing your Twitter account by optimizing your bio, showcasing your brand's reliability and help achieve engaging conversational strategy. Our team's proven marketing methods help companies across the globe build their brands, drive sales and as a result reached the right people. Shopweb's Twitter advertising campaigns can assist you to grow your followers, analyse your performances, monitor your competitors, create a brand- centric profile with implementation of right hashtags.

LinkedIn is one of the world's largest growing professional network with over 772+ million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Shopweb creates dynamic campaigns to reach the target audience in order to promote your brand and its services. But we don't just stop there, along with promotions, our campaign also includes goals such as brand awareness, new generation and engagement.

Email marketing is is a much more direct approach than social media marketing as you will be directly communicating with your audience and that's a significant difference. Shopweb uses the latest email marketing tools and advanced analytics to help you send emails to prospects and customers. Our cost effective, powerful email marketing strategy will give you everything you need to give an aesthetically satisfying and professional look to your emails.

It is tremendously important to share the content relevant to your brand as it promotes your business on different social media platforms. Despite the continual alteration in in Google's algorithm, keywords still hold a vital place in content creation. It creates a buzz among the target audience and gives a boost to your brand.

This is a primordial digital marketing debate. To have a proper balance marketing strategy, every single source of traffic generation is important. Shopweb suggest getting both of these services however it is up to the client to make the final stand.

Whether you have a small project or a big business venture, having an online presence is exceedingly crucial. The social media are the online platforms which helps in robust marketing strategy bringing in new customers, displaying products and services and establishing your brand's reputation.

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