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An automated hospital is likely to be a dream of the many that is very far beyond our imaginations’ - It’s time for us to induce out of this thought as we have a tendency to live in an exceedingly technologically upgraded world. Being a region of this technical society, we are proudly causative our product to all the individuals out here. Our hospital management system will efficiently control and coordinate all the hospital tasks inside no time. This extremely ascendible and user-friendly software contains a large role in redefining a hospital altogether its dimensions. Be it the hospital administration or security or its final intention – providing prime quality patient care – the software will it all for a medical centre with none compromise in efficiency or accuracy. Realizing all the challenges a health clinic have to be compelled to face in its longest run, we have a tendency to hope that our pioneering hospital solution can perform at its best to ensure the best working of a hospital. Deploy the system as early as potential in your medical environment to lay the inspiration for a healthier community.

  • Modules of Hospital Management System: Patient Registration:
  • Important patient data is mentioned here to maintain patient data chart, that marks the outset of demographic capture.
  • This section consists UID (Unique Patient ID) to trace visits.
  • Verifies patients’ advantages eligibility mechanically with the employment of secured electronic information interchange.
  • Supports patient’s emergency needs, telephonic appointments, and walk-ins.
  • It consists of patient’s details, like name, contact data, birth date, address, employer & insurance data. Appointment & Scheduling:
  • This section facilitates appointment scheduling of patients for doctors, laboratory & radiology service.
  • Update and Alerts are sent to the patients via text messages or emails to reduce no-show.
  • Staff & Patients can check appointments status here.
  • Online & Offline Appointment availableness.
  • Effective Patient programming
  • In-patient Management: All in-patient necessities are managed here. The main points include patient demographics, Surgeon, Consultant, Room, Admission, Diet, etc. in conjunction with advance payment created are mentioned in this software.
  • Records & generates numerous documents like Consent forms for electronic signature.
  • The system generates distinctive admission variety for each patient
  • Efficient to well manage admissions, transfers, and discharges.
  • Generates comprehensive discharge outline.
  • The system ensures that correct discharge method is followed. Outpatient Management:
  • The main points of out-patients, those not admitted to the hospital, are managed here.
  • Easy generation of reports, daily, monthly, yearly, or by date.
  • Simpler patient billing.
  • Sends alerts to customers via SMS concerning next immunogenic dose, payment, or different functions.
  • Manage payment due, advance payment and invoice
  • Clearly organized services, like X-Ray, Labs, MRIs, Medicines, Consulting Services, Procedures, etc. In-patient Billing:
  • Consists billing of the patient practice & services with complete details of patient data & services provided on daily bases, like Consultation, Laboratory tests, Medicines, Ultrasound, X-ray, O gases, nursing charges, operation, room rent, etc.
  • Ensures economical revenue cycle management by causation alerts for payment owed.
  • Provides important information for MIS reports
  • Paper-based & Electronic Claim billing services to insurance corporations.
  • Discharge Summary: This outline is mechanically generated by system post the patient’s discharge. It happens at the top of hospital admission and a string of treatments, and it stems from a physician’s workplace or a Hospital.
  • It is customizable and should additionally embody data on laboratory reports.
  • It lists recommendations in associate degree simply comprehendible format as discharge takes place.
  • Keep records concerning the kind of medical care administered & response.
  • Displays patient’s chief complaints, findings & diagnoses in associate degree articulated manner. Consultation Management
  • Classifies patient’s visit as existing/new for that authority.
  • Tracks authority fee for in-patient & out-patient visits and additionally the procedures. Offers the option to outline authority fee supported department/procedures.
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