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Software Testing Training Institute in Bhubaneswar

One of the best Software Testing Training Institute in Bhubaneswar is SHOPWEB. Our institute has designed the Software Testing Training course to learn the fundamentals of software testing and softly to introduce you to Advanced Level Software Testing techniques. The course is planned and taught by working, skillful testing professionals having more than 7 years of experience. In SHOPWEB we offer the most practical and Software Testing job-oriented training in Bhubaneswar.

There are a lot of reasons why Software Testing has got so much importance in the Software Sector. Primarily, Software Testing assists in reducing the overall time and cost of the Software Development project. If testing is ignored in the early Software Development phases to save some amount of money then it may be turned out to be a very expensive matter later. Because when it is moving on with the development procedure it becomes tougher to trace back defects. And rectifying one fault somewhere can be introduced another fault in some other part.

Software Testing in the IT field is a logical activity that detects faults in the software loopholes or bugs and assists in preventing and correcting those kinds of loopholes and bugs before the software gets released to the end-user.

To accomplish the best results, it is very important to establish testing efforts. Software Testing cannot be abundant without appropriate planning. To fulfill all expectations of the client, it is most important to plan each and every step carefully. Many things require to be considered while doing Testing for client’s site. While working on Software Testing, it should be well planned by keeping the schedule, budget, and performance in mind to reach the best results. It is unquestionable that SHOPWEB gives the top-notch Software Testing classes in Bhubaneswar. According to current trends, Software Testing is very easy to understand for freshers and beginners to start with SHOPWEB. The growth of a Software Testing course is to adapt and learn to the latest technologies.

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What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the art of finding the fault in software to make sure that its quality. It is carried out methodically to find out the faults in a system. It is needed for evaluating the system. It is a method of validating and verifying the software if the developed computer software is accurate, complete, and has the suitable quality. In other words, it is inspected if a software system meets requirements and that it fulfills its intended reason. It is a method of performing software or a program with the goal of finding software bugs. Software Testing can also be stated whether the actual output is getting a match with the requirement or not that an application, product, or software program. It also assists to recognize missing requirements or errors contrary to the actual needs. This process can be either done manually or by utilizing automated tools.

Generally, Software Testing is classified into two categories:

Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing

Software Testing Opportunities in Bhubaneswar

With so many sectors leveraging Information Technology to improve, simplify and innovate business methods in their sectors like Telecom, Oil, Air Travel business, Exploration Health & Care etc. the potential for the IT or Software Development sector is immense. For all types of projects, a dedicated testing team is a must. Different projects have a different requirement of Development personnel ratio to Software Testing team but the industry practice basic rules say:

Why You Should Go For Software Testing Training In Bhubaneswar At SHOPWEB? :

This Software Testing Training in Bhubaneswar is the perfect opportunity for all those who are looking for Software Testing (basics and advanced) training. SHOPWEB is one of the Best Software Testing Training institutes in Bhubaneswar.

Testing Syllabus or Course content is designed by considering current software testing technology and the IT sector job market strategy.

Practical assignments at the end of the class

An experience of practical learning with a live project

Real-Time case studies for practice

All-time support by trainers for your questions

Job Roles in Software Testing :

Code Tester

Software Test Lead

Test Analyst

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

Senior Test Engineer

Software Tester

Senior Test Analyst

SQA (Software Quality Assurance) Manager

Course Eligibility of Candidate :




Any kind of professional person

Trainer Profile of Software Testing Training in Bhubaneswar at SHOPWEB :

Our trainers are providing complete freedom to the pupils to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers always assist students in completing their projects properly and even get ready for interview questions and answers. Candidates are free to ask any questions to tutors at any time.

More than 7+ Years of Experience

Trained numbers of students in a year

Strong Practical and Theoretical Knowledge

Expert level Subject Knowledge

All trainers have experienced on multiple real-time projects in their field

Ability after Software Testing Training :

It is needed to check the stability and reliability of the software.

It guarantees that the system is bug-free that cannot be caused by any kind of failure.

It guarantees that the product is fully tested with the specific need of the client.

It is needed to ensure that the final product is user-friendly.

Key Features :

Skill Level:

From Beginner to Expert - We are providing Software Testing Training to the required from Beginners level to Experts level.

Course Duration:

Our course is being completed by given time duration by our expert trainers along with questions and answers discussion.

Total Learner:

We have already finished a lot of batches with a 100% course completion record.

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