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Our voice:-“we brighten your software future”

Shop web is an admirable software company that enables the organization to build its status in the global scenario with high accessibility of software devices.

Our incredible company was established in 2016, it offers excellent software work to clients. It executes its valuable works to big multinational companies, local and global trades.

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We provide our clients best services. Our punctuality, hardship, good quality of delivery make us different from others.


We have a great influence on the global software system. We provide amazing software devices than others. Our product brings a hundred benefits to clients. So we make an influence the client’s mind and heart. We bring revolution in the technological world and have laid down influence on digital technical change.


Our perfect working culture, vision, and policies assist us to keep full-time association networking with our clients and professionals.


We engage fully in rendering perfect projects to our clients. We are experts in software development and we are giving the perfect software solution to our clients with modern technology.


Our products are long-term workable and of good quality in nature. The capacity of our software devices is higher than other companies. It is error-free.


We are different software tools according to client’s needs. It easily suitable for all companies and updated in financial’s online machine setup.


We believe in serve to all motto.We provide best service to all. The Followings are some values :


We provide the best quality of services which provide good quantities of responses to our client.

Perfect relationship: we maintain the best level of relationship with our clients.

Our security promise with our client: We are committed to our clients. We always give importance to our client’s interests and always aim to fulfill their needs. We are very dedicated to our work. Our team maintains a good relationship with our clients.

On-time delivery: We deliver good services on time. We are more punctual than others.

Services provided by software company, BHADRAK

Our company provides the best software services than others. We are a top-level software development company. We render the best software solutions to all. We believe in Specialty. We provide extraordinary services than others. We are outstanding services as following:

What is Bardak company billing software?

Our Billing software brings positive outcomes for our organization. Our application software enables the traders for gathering their knowledge of client services providing an accurate time zone and give an accurate invoice to them. All information sectors need a supreme quality billing system tool for their working function.

Our Billing software automates the billing method. An efficient billing system assists in your good working outcome. It helps to sort out your business issue. The Capacity of our billing software is extremely higher than others. It is a virus-free and long-term running system, We are providing one-year security on our billing system. You will get it at a low price with high quality compared to others.

Why our billing system is best :

Collate information to draft invoices positively than others

Create more invoices

Issue solution invoices to customers

 The track effectively paid and unpaid invoices than others

Provide more critical business-related information

A key feature of our billing software:

Our billing system provides you the best accountancy capacity; we can do 100 percentage perfect works. Some important characters of our billing software are GST billing and return billing, inventory management, real-time Analytics, and real multi-storage management.

Price: -we are giving a free trial one month before subscribing. It can install easily on mobile and PC. For further detail communicate our marketers. We also provide software training.

Bhadrak Software Company Mobile App Software?

We provide a mobile software app that provides a hundred percent result for clients, and it is easily updated in the system. It mostly helps in easy access to software procedures. Our developed software easily updated in ANDROID we create an effective computing game application. As compact to others, our mobile APP is capable to cover both local and network. The nature of our mobile apps is rich, multi-dimensional, and applicant-friendly. Android app development, is an app developer, windows app development some of our mobile apps development software.

Price: contact marketer of shop web. We are developing mobile apps with necessary elements included a rich, multi-dimensional, and user-friendly manner.

BHADRAK company software (software testing and quality analysis)

We provide you a better software testing system than others. Our system software vastly checks the virus on the PC, it acts as an effective antivirus application on software devices. It works long term basis, It focuses on finding out the quality of the application, provide a secure application to software credibility. With this software, we can easily detect viruses and sort out problems.

Why do we need Software Testing?

Software technology plays the role of effective information generating. It leads to software development and effective working of products.

We need software testing for the following reasons:

1. Affordable price – We get this software development service at a minimal price. It helps in the good running of your software tool. We can easily save our software device from bug infection.

2. Guarantee: We assure you 100 percentage service guarantees for best your best official work. We kept highly qualified professional job of it, we guide you every stage of your work. Value of services – We are creating the best level of software devices. Buy it access, e-commerce marketers get great benefits.

Value of services – We are creating the best level of software devices. Buy it access, e-commerce marketers get great benefits.

Software company Bhadrak is famous for its outstanding software services. it brings newness to the technological world. It introduces lots of innovative devices in the field of software development. You cannot get too many features at a cheap price as a software company, Bhadrak giving is a true friend of its clients, gives importance to client’s emotions, keeps in point their urgent demands, and provides an appropriate solution to sort out their aims at human’s sustainable overall big development.

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