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Employee management system, one amongst the foremost necessities ERP software system, stands the maximum amount needed system for any commercial enterprise or organization to update and manage data, details, work standing, work details of every system, having data of active or inactive worker of company safely, one touch instant messaging, view & edit employee’s payroll system, and employee’s progress and lots of additional starting from small details to various ones. Thus, ERP software system becomes as associate acceptable assistant to hr.

Features we provide:
Our worker management system developed by expert software system developer’s permits workplace management to maintain employee details including family details, designation, work report, attendance, and assemble data files of employee’s system and many additional are featured like:

  • Attach and remove new worker and inactive worker severally
  • Managing employee’s details together with address and family details
  • Edit and view employee’s work report, group action and standing of new task
  • inspect employee’s work report daily or as required weekly or monthly
  • permits you to understand employee log details in system
  • Edit and review employee payroll system
  • Keeping sharp eyes on staff call log
  • Possessed of facility like announcements about holidays or the other information
  • Aware about employee’s standing and progress associated with given projects
  • Permits staff has permissions to administration
  • Remove automatically inactivates staff after certain period of time

This customized software system provides updated progress and activity of every and each worker of the office and this software system also works properly for those workers who are at certain distance as a result of now-a-days businesses or enterprises are raising their arms to congregate additional clients, spreading at several locations referred to as workplace branches. It provides a user-friendly platform to manage adding and removing members of employees capably comfortable. It additionally helps to cut back work burden from HR’s shoulders and brings additional productivity. Being beneficially for company as well as nature, it almost reduces overall paper work in office regarding workers.

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