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Medicine Distributor and Whole Sale Software

Medicine Distributor and Whole Sale Software

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Our Medical Wholesale software is intended as a comprehensive resolution to automate the business activities of Medical / Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors. It’s designed with an easy-to-use user interface. Medical wholesale software is an automatic system that covers Complete Accounting, Billing, client Management, Inventory coverage, Product information etc. so this software could be a Complete MIS tool for pharmaceutical business management each for large and medium Medical/Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Distributors.

  • Highlights
  • Daily business functions are created easy, Customizable & expandable
  • Purchase, sales, inventory and complete accounting with financial reports like P&L, record etc
  • Wide form of helpful reports are supplied with drill down facility
  • Easy-to-use User friendly Graphical program
  • VAT Enabled software, simple back-up facility ensures knowledge security
  • Generates e-file for tax returns at the press of a button
  • User Manager Module permits user management by setting rights & restrictions
  • Information list views with key word search facility for quicker knowledge location
  • All inclusive facilitate file provides facilitate with all modules
  • Purchase details–Product, batch no: expiry, discount, purchase history etc
  • Order form – Purchase shortlists based on pre defined formula
  • Expiry check on purchase
  • Powerful reports–Company-wise, item-wise, bill-wise etc
  • Generate Debit Note / Purchase return
  • Flexibility to trace item flow
  • Flexibility to reason, move, add or reduce stocks
  • Non moving product – determine, classify and eliminate
  • List of inventory connected reports
  • Stock and sales
  • Stock as on date
  • Damage transfer with details
  • Accounts are supported double entry book keeping system
  • All books of accounts like cash & Bank-Book, Adjust-Debit, Debit/Credit Notes, Creditor's/Debtors Ledger, Sales /Purchase Registers, balance, Profit & Loss, record are maintained as per statutory rules
  • Ageing analysis of debtors and creditors
  • Quick, correct bills with taxes, discounts, batch no., expiry, customer details etc
  • Generate Credit notes & Debit notes
  • Easily manage expiry / short expiry and avoid sale of invalid product
  • Last sale worth of any item to any particular customer are often accessed
  • Delivery note
  • Define free issue details and access this data throughout sales
  • Editing facility of bills (User controlled)
  • FIFO / inventory accounting or as specified
  • Generate bill-wise, day-wise and item-wise statements from sales register
  • Online account posting
  • Wide variety of useful reports that offer information on sales, purchase, stocks and accounts
  • Drill down facility has been provided with all reports
  • Fine tune the reports with filter criteria
  • Representative / salesperson - wise sales reports
  • A cross section of reports embody Purchase report, sales report, stock report, Outstanding bills report, Area-wise sales report, Free issue details report, stock, sales report etc
  • All reports are customizable to MS excel, MS Word & Text formats.
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